Drive revenue by automating your marketing with Gamification for WooCommerce

A premium WooCommerce extension that gives you an easy way to gamify your WooCommerce website. Increase your website’s conversion rate by creating and managing digital rewards like points, ranks, and badges.
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The Ultimate Woocommerce Gamification plugin

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Create & Manage Digital Rewards

Manage a wide range of digital rewards including ranks, badges, and WooCommerce points.

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Showcase Reward Points

You can showcase the number of points users can earn on your website’s Product, Cart, or Checkout Page.

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Compatible With WooCommerce Subscriptions

Create variable subscription products with corresponding attributes and product variations.

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Display Point History

The point log on the My Account page shows your users their history of gamification point distribution.

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Limit Product Accessibility

Limit products in your inventory to users with a certain rank or a badge.

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Award Points On Referrals

Award points to referrers and referred users after every successful transaction on your website.

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Why Choose Gamification for WooCommerce?

Build brand loyalty by awarding loyalty points to your customers

Grow your customer base by incentivizing existing customers every time they recommend your brand – Empower your sales team with better leads, and a greater ROI.

Gamification For WooCommerce Pricing

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